I'm talking real letter. A paper thing, with an envelope, a stamp, a hand-written letter. Not an invoice, not an ad, not an official letter from the bank or some government agency. A letter. Written with ink that maybe got stained by tears or just the rain, a letter that tells important things, or nothing. A letter in which someone tells their story, confides or only talks about time passing or the weather. A real letter. Not electronic, not virtual, a thing you can hold in your hand.

I am curious to know how long it is since you have received one. Or written one, for that matter. Poll in the comments.

<Digimax S800 / Kenox S800>So. I've decided to write a letter every other day for 2 months, 30 letters. I start the day after tomorrow, on the 15th of May. Others have done it I'm sure and as matter of fact the inspiration for this comes from my friend Consu who did it with hand-made postcards. But in order for this to work, I need people to write to. So that's where you enter, dear reader. Would you like to receive a letter ? If yes, I need your address (postal address, the physical thing, with post code and all). Send it to me via the contact form (or any other means you have to contact me and which suits best) and I will send you a letter, a real one. A blue-black ink letter, on paper, in an envelope, with a stamp.

A few rules:

  • In case you live in a country where international post might be subject to the sporadic goodwill of a not so reliable postal service, send me your email address as well. I will scan the letter and send it by email, just so that it does not get lost.
  • Post does not work on Sundays, so no letters on Sundays
  • If you want to add a keyword for me to use in the letter (like a specific topic for example, I will try to integrate it best as I can)
  • I will not publish the letters I send (except if I ask you first) but I will probably keep a copy.
  • [edit] If we know each other only under a nickname, please give your nick ;). If we don't know each other, that's fine.
  • I can change the rules whenever I want.


Version française ici >>

[EDIT 15/05] I am happy to say that all 30 letters now have an addressee. I can't commit to more for now (who knows, maybe I'll hate writing after this experiment...), so do not send your address any more.