Time passed, and I learned who was who, I learned that nicknames were used by some as cloaks, to hide themselves from...well, I never quite understood what. I was lucky I guess, the people I met in that channel at the time were like me, trusting for most, true for most. Of course the occasional liar would come along and tell tales of a life they did not lead. But those were scarce, and I met some excellent friends at the time. And my best friend.

Today on the French Wikipedia, I learned that one of the contributors I respected most passed away. We had crossed paths on many occasions, sharing the same passion for cinema. He was one of those (too) rare contributors who engaged in conversation, who shared his concerns, who paid attention to what others had to say. He was kind and knew how to accompany new editors to help them find their place in the project. He was, in a word as in many, a man. Not a nickname.

I will miss him. As a man, not a nickname.