Not everyone who seeks a temporary visa to come on your soil wants to stay here. As a matter of fact, not so many people who seek a visa want to stay here. I, for one, really *don't want* to stay here.

I am disgusted and saddened that we have come to the point where America has so well sealed its borders that even the most innocent person, the most dedicated to their country of origin, cannot get a visa. That would not be too bad, if at least they had good reasons to refuse the visa. They don't. They didn't even look at my friend's papers. They looked at him, they looked at what he did for a living and they said "No visa". It reminds me, with a bitter taste, of Soviet Russia depicted in Ninotchka, a 1939 American movie, when the American is denied a visa to enter Soviet Russia.

"Biometric passport or you won't get in" gotta to have the right profile or else..., "What are you doing here in Germany? Can I see a credit card? A business card? How much do you make? Who do you live with?" humiliating questions before you even board the plane, "Ah, you're an independant contractor? No visa." "But Sir, I have other documentation..." "No visa", wild assumptions that you want to leave your country for America. It is disheartening and sickening.

Guess what America. There are many of us in this world who actually love their country and want to stay there. There are many of us who like(d) America and just want(ed) to go on holidays there. Except now, we can't. Going on holidays, for a conference or for a three days job is harder than getting in Soviet Russia in 1975. Tell you what America, if you go on this route, believe me, no one will ever come any more.

At the risk of losing my next visa, let me say it loud and clear, there are times when I *really* hate America.