First, an apology, in three languages.

[FR] J'ai écrit ici les multiples raisons qui font que j'ai du mal à naviguer entre plusieurs langues quand il s'agit d'écrire. Du coup, je vais raconter mon voyage 30-60 dans toutes les langues qui me vont bien, sans traduire. Je vous prie ici de bien vouloir m'en excuser si vous ne comprenez pas. La traduction Google peut être parfois rigolote, mais elle n'est pas si mauvaise que ça.

[EN] I have written here the many reasons which make it hard for me to navigate between languages when I write. I am going to document this 30-60 journey in all the languages I see fit, without translating. I beg you to forgive me in advance if you don't understand. Google translation can be funny at times, but it does an ok job.

[DE] Ich habe hier die verschiedene Gründe geschrieben, warum ich es schwierig finde, zwischen Sprachen zu wechslen, wenn ich schreibe. Dieses Experiment 30-60 werde ich in alle Sprachen, die ich geeignet finde, berichten. I bitte um Entschuldigung wenn ihr die Sprache nicht versteht. Google Übersetzungen können witzig sein, aber so schlecht sind sie auch nicht.

So today is the first day of my challenge to myself, write 30 letters in 60 days to 30 people. The last two days have been really interesting, as the addresses were trickling in. Friends I haven't seen in... for ever, family, friends I see every day, strangers, all wanting a hand-written letter. I have been thinking a lot about what I will write to all of these people and some letters are definitely going to be harder than others. Mostly because I have decided I don't want to stop at the penpal usual thing, ie. "My name is Delphine, I'm 41 years old, I have two kids..." etc. The idea is to make this challenging for me, and fun enough for those who receive the letters (which does not mean you're all going to receive a funny letter!) that they take something out of the experiment. It's 9.12, and I'm going to start my first letter...Have a good day.

[edit] The first letter goes to Malcolm, in the UK, whom I don't know.

  • Destination : UK
  • Estimated time : 2-4 days
  • Pages : 3
  • Letter written on : 15/05/2013
  • Letter sent : 15/05/2013
  • Arrived : 17/05/2013