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mardi 14 novembre 2006

Wikimedia logo highjacking

Where I am reassured that there are still people with imagination in the Wikimedia projects

I am one of those tedious defenders of the integrity of the Wikimedia logo. It is not, in itself, the best logo ever, but well, the Wikimedia Foundation has enough problems as is trying to differentiate itself from Wikipedia, it deserves at least its own visual identity.

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jeudi 5 octobre 2006

Jogging stick

Her eyes looked to see if she could find a way across. The buldozer was shovelling earth in front of her, stopping her in her mechanical movement.

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jeudi 13 juillet 2006


I am constantly living between worlds, it's very strange.

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mercredi 22 mars 2006

Nobody knows everything, but everybody knows something

You just have to find out who knows what

Well, the Nobody knows everything, but everybody knows something has been a long standing slogan for the construction of Wikipedia. However, I am not going to linger on the Wikipedia aspect of it, but rather on the applications I see in other areas, and especially on the organisational area of Wikimedia.

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samedi 18 mars 2006

There are people behind nicknames

Where you learn that well...there are people behind nicknames.

A very long time ago, when I started chatting on Yahoo!, I met a whole bunch of people. I was very naive, and the first time I entered a channel, with this notafish nickname, I actually said who I was, where I came from, in short, I did not hide behind the nickname, because I did not know to, and because I suppose I did not see any reason to.

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mardi 7 mars 2006

What about the reader ?

Or how Wikipedia addresses its "customers" and how the form reflects the content

N.B. I started this post more than a year ago and never put it on line, so some of the information is somewhat obsolete, but I decided today to take it up again and leave the first part as I had written it then.

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vendredi 20 janvier 2006

Burger King - neither food, nor fast

Or politeness in the New World

There is a funky drowl in the South, totally different from the one in Boston. Yesterday, Jean-Baptiste and I were reflecting upon the kind of people we had met during these few days. Bostonians, or at least people taking classes at Harvard law School, remind us of those parisiens branchés and bored, who don't really fit in the system but are its core at the same time. Here in Atlanta, where I have a 4 hour stopover before I go on to Frankfurt, people are nonchalant.

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jeudi 19 janvier 2006

MIT, or the place where dreams happen

Reflexions on a lost career

We went to MIT today, to visit the Media Lab (Media Laboratory) and see what we could do there for the next Wikimedia Conference. The place is huge. As we arrived in Boston, we went to the FSF official launch of the GPL 3.0. The only thing I recall at that point is thinking well, this is just like any other university in the world; imposing monuments, shabby insides and notice-boards that have been so used they just look like a giant pinhole.That was when I entered through the front door. Now, the Media-Lab is situated in a white building not too far from the banks of the Charles River

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jeudi 15 décembre 2005

Wikipedia compared with Britannica by Nature

Where I hope that 0 mistake is what we're all striving for

This is a post I sent to the Wikimedia foundation-l mailing list, when Nature published a study comparing a few entries of Wikipedia and Britannica. Full thread can be found here.

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mardi 29 novembre 2005

When it's quiet enough inside my mind

When it's quiet enough inside my mind
When the devils have stopped playing the harp and drums
When the chickens have grown their teeth and become crocodiles
When angels light fires and fireworks play with the sun
When every man speaks Truth to every other man
Then, and only then,
Maybe, I can rest.

This text can also be found here.

vendredi 28 octobre 2005

There is not enough love, to go round...

Where we learn well...that there is not enough love.

Having lived in different countries, namely the US and Austria, now living in Germany, and having experienced, or still experiencing international environments, I have had my share of culture shock I suppose.

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mardi 27 septembre 2005

Autobahn blues

Where one learns that signs are an unknown concept on the other side of the Rhein

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jeudi 21 avril 2005

Why the Wikimedia projects should not use GFDL as a stand alone license for images

Where we learn that free does not always mean easy

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mercredi 2 mars 2005


where one learns that celebrity is a relative thing

Chemin and I went to spend the week-end in Brussels for the FOSDEM, where we were supposed to hold a booth for Wikipédia (yes, Wikipédia takes an accent in French :P ), which he did, while I ran around drinking iced tea and meeting celebrities. Yes, you read this well, celebrities.

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jeudi 6 janvier 2005

Chains of freedom

Where one learns that freedom has a price.

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samedi 13 novembre 2004


How can I make today different from the one before ?

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lundi 8 novembre 2004

Addict ? me ? Naaaaa.

Where one learns that addiction can be "free"

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